Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Perfectly Posh and Tiffany & Co.

Welcome back to my Posh blog!!  I have a really fun post today!  Did you know that Perfectly Posh has partnered with Tiffany & Co. to give some very special recognition awards to Posh's top leaders?

Once a consultant hits Silver Premier she gets to go to Tiffany's with Perfectly Posh to be presented with a special Perfectly Posh silver Tiffany's bracelet.  Once a consultant hits Gold Premier she gets to go back again for a necklace and when she hits Platinum she gets a gift card to pick out whatever her heart desires.

What is even cooler about this is that it is actually attainable!  My friend and Posh Sponsor (my friend told me we sound like AA with calling our upline our sponsors ha ha!) Amanda hit Silver Premier this June!!  I am so excited for her!  She has been with Posh for just over 2 years and has worked her business super hard some months but has also taken breaks other months.  My Posh sister Natalie just hit premier in June and I have a feeling she will also earn her trip to Tiffany's within the next few months!

I used to want to go to Tiffany's but I thought it was impossible.  Now I see that it definitely is possible and I am so excited to work my plan to get myself there and as many of my downline who want to go too!

If you want to see more info about joining Perfectly Posh check out this blog post here or message me on Facebook here, you can also check out the info on my Perfectly Posh site.

Thanks so much for reading along, have a great day!

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