Wednesday, February 18, 2015

First Impression: Spring Summer 2015 New Products

I got to go to The Old Spaghetti Factory at Trolley Square on Monday for a team meeting and we passed around all of the new products.  They all smelled so good!!

I'm going to try to start with my absolute must haves, but really I would love to have all of these and hopefully I soon will.  :)

First up is our new Hey Honey! Healing Body Cream.  This is so moisturizing without being greasy and it smells so good!  The scent is a light lemon, raspberry combo.  This cream boasts some amazingly natural moisturizing ingredients such as:Aloe, Sunflower Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil and of course Honey.  You get 6 oz. for $17 and a little goes a long ways!  I thought I got enough for just my hands and ended up using it on my hands and arms.

Next is our Castaway Coconut Skindelicious.  This scent immediately sends your mind to a tropical locale.  It smells exactly like a freshly chopped open coconut and moisturizes like a dream.  Mmmmm!  I am missing it right now as I am typing this and wishing I could be slathering it on myself from head to toe.  This body butter is $22 for 8 oz., and as is typical for Posh products, a little goes a long ways.  This naturally moisturizes with aloe, shea butter, coco butter, beeswax, and of course coconut oil.

The Seas the Day Chunk bar has the best name and packaging of all the new products, at least in my opinion.  This is a gorgeous peachy orange luxury bath bar.  It is huge and has beautiful marbling of ingredients visible in the bar.  It has a luscious lather and a cherry, agave scent, officially called a cherry margarita scent.  You can even use this bar to shave with! The lather is that good.  It is an amazing $9 for 7 oz. and is approximately double the size of a Dove Beauty Bar.  Key ingredients include: glycerin and wild cherry extracts.  This product is Vegan.

We Put De Lime in De Coconut actually might beat out Seas the Day for the best name.  It's a toughie!  This smells sooooo good!!  SO, so, so, so, good!  It is literally lime and coconut refreshing yummy goodness.  It is an immediate pick me up!  The key ingredients in this scrub are: sugar, sea salt, lemon and lime essential oils, coconut oil and jojoba oil.  This product is Vegan and is $24 for 9 oz.  This is a good sized tub that should last months.

One of our favorite scents is My Pink Heaven or Snarky, this is a refreshing floral/citrus/sandalwood scent.  This scent makes me feel super sexy (or gorgeously attractive if you don't like the word sexy ;)) and I love it even more in a body butter.  Now I can put it all over me and smell like a goddess.  This is $22 for 8 oz. and once again this body butter will go along ways and last a while.  Key ingredients are: Aloe, shea butter, beeswax, nonfat dry milk, honey, coco butter, sunflower seed oil, and sweet almond oil.

This scrub has real sand in it!  It's called Walk on the Beach and it is the next best thing to an actual walk on the beach.  It has a nice subtle plumeria, jasmine and plum scent.  The sand is super fine and stays all contained in the scrub.  Key ingredients: acai, jojoba, and sugar.  This is $24 for 9 oz. and it is a Vegan product.

Our new Skin Vixen Dry Body Oil is a perfect treat for perking up and beautifying your skin.  This has a light orange blossom scent.  Apply it to arms and legs for glow and amazing moisture.  I used a dry body oil while pregnant on my itchy skin as my belly was growing and it was fabulous for that too.  This is $22 for 4 oz.  Key ingredients are fast absorbing sunflower seed oil, vitamin e, and rosemary extract.  This is a Vegan product.

The "It" Girl perfume roller is a delicious girly fruity scent.  It is grapefruit, apricot and a touch of lily.  This is Vegan with almond oil and macadamia seed oil and vitamin e.  This is $14 for 0.17 fl oz.  This is a Vegan product.

The A Peel to Me Snarky Bar is a nice exfoliating bar.  These bars are so nice for a quick scrub in the shower or bath.  The scent is an extremely refreshing and sweet citrus scent.  Key ingredients: Sugar, shea butter, orange peel and orange oil and loofah.  $15 for a 6 oz. bar and this product is Vegan.

This is the newest addition to our Posh Life set.  This creamy lip butter has the signature lemon berry scent and packs on some serious moisture.  Key ingredients include: Shea butter, lemon oil, raspberry extract, rosemary extract, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, macadamia oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil and coco butter.  This is $10 for 0.5 fl oz. and it may be the best lip butter you will ever own.

I'm going to be honest.  This was the only product that I don't know if I will buy.  This bar has a lot of potential benefits but I didn't love the smell.  But hey, you might love it.  The scent is a lime and sea salt fresh fragrance.  The bar is gorgeous and huge and has a luxurious lather.  It is an off white bar with bits of light lime green in it.  Key ingredients are citric acid and lime for natural exfoliation and moisturization.  This is $9 for 7 oz. and is double the size of a standard soap bar and the lather is so much better.  This product is Vegan.

Does peeling foot skin give you the heebie jeebies?  What about super calloused, thick foot skin?  This is the most buzz-worthy of our new products.  You apply the whole tube of glycolic acid treatment to your two feet, cover with the booties, then the polka dot socks, let sit for 1 hour then wash off.  Your tootsies will begin peeling in 3 to 7 days.  Soaks can help with the peeling process, do not pull on the peeling skin or try to remove it before it is ready.

The peel will leave you with soft brand new skin on your feet!  This smells like peppermint and thyme and is one treatment for $24.  It is a Vegan product.

I'm super excited for this facial bar!  The Pore-fect bar is made to deep clean pores without drying your face out.  Meadowsweet root, tea tree, eucalyptus and blueberry deep clean pores and refresh skin while gently washing and nourishing.  This is $10 for a 7 oz. bar.  This is a lot of washing for a great price!

I'm so excited to be actually able to use this on my face consistently!  I'm Shrinking is a spot treatment to target enlarged pores.  It deep cleans and shrinks pores with kaolin, orange extract, jasmine extract, aloe, and grape seed oil.  This is $22 for 3 oz. and it is Vegan.

I love the smell of coffee!  I would live in that aisle of the grocery store if I could!  Our Daily Grind scrub has been one of my all time favorite Posh products and now it is in an even easier to use Snarky Bar solid scrubbing shea butter bar.  Yes!!  Another thing I love about these two coffee bean products is that they decrease cellulite!  (A temporary effect after each time you use it, I love to use it before I go out in my swimming suit).  This is $15 for 6 oz. and it is Vegan.

Apricots Overnight is a super hydrating and nourishing overnight mask.  This smells like sweet apricots with a touch of citrus and jasmine.  Key ingredients include: Shea butter, Argan oil, Sunflower oil, Aloe, Coconut oil and Coco butter.  This is $22 for 3 oz.

The last one that I tried (but definitely not the least) is the As Good As Gold Natural Moroccan Argan Oil Stick.  This is amazing!  The stick glides on smoothly and was made for psoriasis and eczema but it will also be amazing as a moisturizer or eye cream for aging skin due to the Argan oil.  This is $13 for 0.5 oz. and is packed with amazing ingredients.  A few of my favorites: Shea butter, argan oil, rose hip oil, coco butter, almond oil, macadamia oil, and pineapple and orange extract.  This has a light fruit scent.

This last product I did not actually get to try.  It is called Farmer's Market and it is a new Skindelicious Body Butter.  The scent was described as a watermelon jolly rancher with just a touch of cucumber by those who have used it.  Key ingredients include: Aloe, Coco butter, Sunflower seed oil, Shea butter and Cucumber extract.  This is $22 for 8 oz.

This concludes my first impressions.  I hope you enjoyed it!  What are you dying to have?  I'd love to hear in the comments below.  :)