Friday, September 5, 2014

Merry, Merry Christmas! The best gifts on a budget!

Neighbor/Coworker/Stocking Stuffer or Add-on Gifts:

You can never have too many of these during the holiday season :)

With these luxurious product formulas in beautiful packaging, everyone will feel as if you are spoiling them.  We make products that are for pampering, and they really do pamper you.

Use our pre-made bundles and our Buy 5 Get the 6th free to get you 30 amazing gifts for $99.  I just saved you over $40!

$56 worth of luscious lip balm, $48 worth of pampering bath mixes, $18 in our Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme, and $18 worth of Chunk! luxurious bath soap.

You'll have:

14 lip balms
12 bath mixes
2 BFY hand cremes
2 Chunk! bath bars

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Party with me!

 You can save so much on Perfectly Posh pampering when you have a party!

My hostesses have all earned great perks on their parties.  Even when a party was small, I was able to combine it with another party and split the extra perks.

There are 3 party options:  In home Spa-Night-In party, Portable Party (Party in a Basket!), or Facebook Party in your Pajammies!

option numero uno

Portable Party/ Party in a basket!

option three

Host with me in September or October and receive a gift on top of your hostess perks.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The "Calm down!" Mask

The "Calm Down!" mask is an oatmeal, banana, honey, milk, and aloe treatment for your skin.  The first ingreadient is water, the second aloe.  This does amazing things for sunburns.  I have loved using it on my poor acne prone face. 

When I very first started using Posh, I was pretty desperate for anything to help with my acne.  This made my face feel so good!  At first it burned and tingled a bit and I was a little worried, but it only lasted about 30 seconds and then it started to feel really, really good.  Almost like my face felt comfy and relaxed.  It is hard to describe that sensation.  I have never felt it with another facial product.  The closest experience I can think of would be a warming face wash that I tried once.

A coworker of mine said she was so glad to get her order this week because she was out of her sample and that it had been helping her acne too.  

This stuff is $16 for a tub of it.  I think it is well worth it.  I am a cheapskate, but after using it I really think it is worth it.  I have never come across anything like it.

Thanks for reading!!

Jessica K. Smith
Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant


I have been trying to start this blog for about two weeks now.  Every time I tried to create it there was an error.  I randomly tried again tonight and Voila!!

My name is Jessica and I already have another blog.  It's a beauty blog.  I really wanted to have a successful blog where I could make a bit of money, have companies send me products to review, get to network at blogging conferences, etc.

I joined a direct sales company called Perfectly Posh about two weeks ago.  I fell in love with their products, ingredients and the fact that the products are all made in the U.S. and they're based out of my home state.

I just realized tonight that I am fulfilling my original blogging goals through Posh.  Now I have a work at home side job bringing in extra income, I get free and very cheap amazing products, I get to share my opinion on those products, and I get to do home parties and also network with other consults.  Win, win, win!

With this blog I am going to share my Posh journey, the products I'm using, what I'm loving, what I want to try next, and how my business is going.

This is the first really big, scary thing that I have done like this.  It really hasn't been that scary and I am so glad I did it.

Thanks for reading my crazy intro!

Jessica K. Smith
Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant