Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Perfectly Posh End Mend Review and Before and After

I just got back from Uncon4 with a slew of new products to test out!!  Two that I was super excited to put to the test were the brand new End Mend Split-End Fusing Shampoo and Conditioner.

Are you thinking what I was thinking?  Split-End Fusing?  What!?

I have a ton of split ends right now so I decided I would be the ideal product tester and that I therefore needed to document my experience with a before and after shot.

Holy cow!!  I don't know if even I would have believed the difference this could make in my hair until I actually used it!

My hair feels healthier now than it has in over a year and I can't believe it!  It also is not sticky or heavy at all.

I will definitely be using this and sampling it out and sharing it with everyone!!

The product works by using Kerabeads, a super new technology using tiny, microscopic beads made of wool keratin and seaweed extracts (sources of info below).  The "beads" actively seek out the damaged parts of your hair and cling to it and even seal it together.  See video here.

Kerabead info found here, here, and here.

See full End Mend product info here.

If I had to rate this product right now out of 5 stars, I would have to give it at least 4.5 for sure!!  The only reason I wouldn't give it a complete 5 is because I can still see one split end.  I think that might just be because I have only used it once :)

Thanks for reading!!

Head to the End Mend link above and set up your Perks profile for 250 perks points that you can use to get your own End Mend!  You also get points for your birthday and for referrals!  Contact me with any questions :)