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I am a new-ish mom who really struggled with mommy-hood at first...but that is a very long story for another day :)  Long story made short, I had a baby who didn't like to sleep or nurse correctly, and who cried a lot.  I had left a full time job that I absolutely loved to be a mommy...and it was hard.  I felt like I didn't know what I was doing and I was miserable.  My husband and my son and I all struggled through those first 6 or so months and finally came out of that terrible fog of exhaustion and stress.

I felt like I had aged ten years and my skin looked it.  I was tired and exhausted and in need of something to give me some sense of achievement, fun and accomplishment.  My self esteem was not good and I felt lonely all of the time even though baby and I were finally in a state where we had enough energy to consistently get up and out of the house.

I found Perfectly Posh through a friend.  She started posting awesome pictures of herself using this fun skincare line with slogans like "You deserve to be pampered!"  I love bath and body and skin products and I was so excited to go to her launch party!  (in the meantime I had stalked the products and company online and had fallen in love).

I booked my own party and got a bunch of samples and found myself jealous of my friend's business opportunity with Posh.  This was basically my dream job: try amazing products out, get them for cheap, share them with others, stay home and get paid to do it.  All while supporting a brand that supports women and men working right here in the U.S.A.

So, I started researching being a consultant...I kept on finding out more and more good things about Posh.  Finally I knew I had to sign up, I had to try it.  I have loved it ever since!

I have met so many other amazing, fun and happy women and my skin is so much better, I feel so much better now that I know it's okay to take a break and pamper myself.  I love that my Posh products are literally a mini escape!  These are high quality products with fabulous scents that make you feel so wonderful!

I really can't tell you everything I love about Posh and how much it has helped me :)  This is just a short summary for me.  Let me know if you would like any help with ordering, information on hosting a party and earning free posh, or about trying some samples to help you choose what to order.

You can:

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