Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Caffeinator!! Bye bye tired skin!!

How amazing is that!?  ^^

The Caffeinator is a Shea and Cocoa Butter (loaded with other oils and butters too) stick that contains caffeine and essential oils.

The Claim: Shock tired eyes and face into place with daily use of The Caffeinator. This nourishing formula is perfect for perking up skin during long, tired days or after a short night's sleep. The Caffeinator can help brighten dark circles under eyes, lighten uneven skin over time, relieve inflammation, reduce cellulite, and more. Fragranced with zesty lemon essential oil to really kick you into gear.

My Results:  I got to try this product out at Posh's Day Away retreat and I took a before and after to see what it would do for my under eye bags/divots.  I was really impressed.  The puffiness was completely gone and the area around my eyes was noticeably brightened.

So how does it work?  Caffeine has a brightening and tightening effect on the skin that is great for under eye bags and even cellulite.  You can read more about its use in skin care here.  

You can find other amazing Posh products with caffeine here.

You can get more info and purchase The Caffeinator here on Perfectly Posh's site.  I love hearing how much people love these products, so if you get one, let me know how it works for you :)

Thanks for reading!!  Come back soon!

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