Monday, May 18, 2015

Made in America

One of the reasons that I love buying and sharing Posh so much is that I know who this business benefits!!  It benefits local economies where the purchaser lives (sales tax is paid to the zip code the product arrives in), it benefits workers here in America who make the products, it benefits local consultants who are able to work from home and be with their families, and it benefits the professionals who formulate and design our products.  These are all jobs here in the United States!  They are not overseas sweat-shop jobs.  You can buy something good for you and at a good price and feel sooo good about your purchase!!

Here's an excerpt from a story that talks about how amazing Posh has been for bringing back jobs to workers who had been laid off when their companies either downsized or sent work overseas.  The man speaking is Don, a plant manager for Posh in California.  He is telling Ann (our founder and CEO) how happy he is to be hiring back his old employees as Posh continues to grow. :)

"He was wearing a Stripper t shirt that we had sent in a big box at Christmastime. He was laughing and telling me how his crew making The Stripper had all bet we’d never sell it. How on earth could anyone sell that purpley-gray muck? Then he said, he saw what we’d called it and ROLLED his eyes at us. Months later, he was making entirely NEW equipment because he was making SO much Stripper. The equipment he had on his line wasn’t enough for the much bigger batches needed to be able to keep up. He wanted to hand it to us -- he didn’t think we could pull it off. We had a good laugh. He was ecstatic it was in our top five sellers. He said he could make us as MUCH as we needed. Then he got very serious. He teared even a little, and he said, “thank you. Tell these women, “thank you”. I’m calling my old employees back to work. We’re busy. We are so grateful to have these jobs.”" 

You can read the whole blog post on Ann's blog here.

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